Buying, Selling, and Decorating Your Dream Home
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Selling A Property

Having decided to sell your home, you need to decide on a time to put your house on the market – between March and July is usually the best time.

It’s best to start planning and preparing around three months in advance. This will include contacting estate agents, who will measure rooms, take photographs, design brochures, and arrange advertising. All this can take much longer than you think and you need to need to plan well ahead.

If your home doesn’t sell within three to six months, it’s either overpriced, badly presented or in an area that isn’t in demand.

It is essential to show your home in the best light and to make any necessary improvements that will help you sell it quickly or increase the price you can ask.

We take a look at the best way of presenting your home, with tips and tricks designed to bring out your home’s full potential, and attract those prospective buyers.

We also examine alternative ways of selling your home, either selling without an agent or by auction.